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This site is one of only a few on the net today that will give the viewer a look at the indigenous martial arts of Indonesia and Malaysia in general and West Sumatra specifically. This particular style is known as Pentjak Silat Raja Sterlak and comes from Malaysia but is very similar to the traditional Sterlak of Sumatra I am told. Also, it is not uncommon for other names to be used for the same art. For instance, the art of Pencak Silat Sterlak can also be known as Terlak, Tiralak, Tralak, Tarlak, Sitaralak, Stralak, Starlak and Sterlak. Also, there are many Sterlak derivative styles, i.e., Raja Sterlak, Terlak Nata and Terlak Empat to name a few.

Eventually this site will have a secure area where students will be able to view photo sequences of techniques as well as download curriculum and other materials. This will happen as more of the system begins to be put on-line.

Follow the links at the left for more information on this historical art and if you have questions/comments please drop an e-mail or write:

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